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Last Updated: 21-Jan-2010

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Our Story

The Cuon Scout Group, was formed through a merging between 2 Scout Units- the Pasir Ris Cuon Scout Troop and the Greenview Garuda Scout Unit, in 2003.


Greenview Garuda Scout Unit

Established in 1996, the Garuda Scouts Unit was set up to provide a greater variety of activities for the students of Greenview Secondary School, as well as a Co-Cirricular Activity.

Although it is a school-based unit, it provided a great amount of activities for the Scouts. In 1998, membership grew to around 20 active boys. However, due to changing of leadership at the adult leaders section, the activities were getting sporadic and membership dropped.

In 1999, the membership was dwindling, and Greenview Garuda Scouts Unit had difficulties in training, and therefore look towards it's neighbouring Scout Units to help out with the programmes. In 2000, they found a Scout Unit willing to help out with the events, and the unit is


Pasir Ris Cuon Scout Troop

With their help, Greenview Garuda Scout Unit managed to stabilised the total number of recruits, and helped to train these boys into Scouts. In the year 2001, several Senior Patrol Leaders worked with the members of the Pasir Ris Cuon Scout Troop to organise several activities, and this in turn strengthened the alliance between 2 units.


Cuon Scout Troop

Initially , the leaders of Pasir Ris Cuon Scouts Troop turned to newer schools to re-establish the Scouts Unit. However, it was unsuccessful.

In the year 2002, a proposal was submitted to merged 2 existing Scout Units into a Scout Unit that is more dynamic, versatile, and one that can handle challenges more effectively.

In 2003, Pasir Ris Cuon Scouts Troop merged with Greenview Garuda Scout Unit.



  • Establishment of Cuon Scout Troop in Greenview Secondary School



  • Establishment of Cuon Scout Troop - Venture Scout Unit



  • Closure of Greenview Girl Guide Companies with the departure of their Guiders
  • Greenview Girl Guides invested as Cuon Scout Troop members
  • Celebrates 5th year anniversary with a Group Campfire



  • Cuon Scout Troop adopted White Sands Primary School Cub Scout Pack
  • White Sands Cub Scouts invested as Cuon Scout Troop members



  • Establishment of Cuon Scout Troop - Rover Scout Crew
  • Cuon Scout Troop rebranded as Cuon Scout Group to reflect the family of Units


To be continued...