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Last Updated: 21-Jan-2010

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The Cuon Insignia


The Cuon Scouts Badge consists of the World Scouts Emblem with the Cuon superimposed over it. The badge is halved diagonally across, with blue and yellow as the background. The badge is covered with a red border. The World Scouts Insignia signifies the fact that Cuon Scouts Group is a part of the World Scouting Community.

The Cuon is a symbol of courage and team-spirit, and this is our wish to inculcate these values in all our Scouts.

The badge is halved diagonally across, being equal and balanced. It represents the fact that Cuon Scouts Group values integrity and dedication, courage and loyalty, equally.

The Blue background symbolizes integrity and dedication. We aspire to produce Scouts of integrity, and always ready to serve the community.

The Yellow background symbolizes courage and loyalty. Always prepared to serve and lead at all times.

The Red border signifies the bond of brotherhood, and esprit-de-corps. It represents that no Scout is alone, preparing the Scouts to be team workers.